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“Keys to Personal Growth”

Relax, unwind, while feeding yourself powerful messages for transformation PLUS weekly tips on Reaching In to connect with yourself, Reaching Out to give and receive and Reaching Wide with your unique impact.

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  • Feel loved and supported, so you can grow in deep intimate relationships?
  • Be respected and valued, so you can do your work in the world and be well-compensated for it?
  • Have a clear and credible message, so you can make your impact?

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Kate offers a variety of programs and packages for individuals and couples for personal growth, relationship integrity, and soul-aligned business leadership. Let’s find the program that best fits you, given what you want to manifest and your specific challenges. Kate is a master facilitator and teacher in embodied leadership, spiritual development, presence, and Core Energetics.

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“Your Higher Self is always loving toward yourself. Love might include discipline but it is never cruel.”
~ Kate Holt

I started my inner work about 20 years ago because I HAD to.

My second marriage was failing. I felt trapped, helpless, overburdened as a parent, and thought, “There must be something wrong with me, if I can’t make things work.” As an RN, I always had good jobs but I knew I had something more – and different – to offer. My body was creating so many symptoms, trying to wake me up. I had lots of conditions that ended with “-itis”.

It was a painful downward spiral.

I questioned myself, “How could someone smart and capable be in such a dire situation?” But there I was.

You may feel trapped like that in some similar way right now.

  • Maybe you feel helpless to repair a situation or relationship, unsure of your next step forward.
  • Maybe you feel insecure, needing more love, meaning, and support in your life.
  • Maybe you’re doing great work but not getting compensated well and you feel under-valued.
  • Maybe you don’t know how to transition from a full-time job to being an entrepreneur.

If any of these are keeping you up at night, know this:

There is a loving, supportive, prosperous world waiting for you!

I was seeking answers everywhere: taking classes, going to doctors, attending therapy – anything to get relief from the pain I was in. I felt desperate!

I had to surrender to the fact that I couldn’t do it alone. Then, as often happens when we surrender, my moment of clarity came. I had a deep knowing that the physical symptoms, the emotional pain, and how I valued myself were inseparable. I found Core Energetics, a body-based therapeutic work and embarked on a journey of study and work through my issues in my own body, mind, emotions, and spirit. I quickly moved into an upward spiral of healing. It was too late for my marriage but it was right on time for me to step into a more authentic life.

Soon, I mastered tools that helped me feel powerful, vibrant, creative, and free. I’ve been helping other people find that feeling ever since. I’ve trained and taught extensively through the last 15 years and my work with others is continually evolving. And I love it!

Today, I work with two different groups of people, those on a quest for more personal fulfillment and holistic entrepreneurs who want to make a good living doing the work they love.

For professionals who want a thriving, money-making practice that feeds their soul, I offer programs and mentoring to help you Master Confidence so you are comfortable leading, Master Your Message so your ideal clients can recognize you easily, and Master Your Value so you create the income to enjoy more freedom in your life. I’m passionate about the ripple effect…my business clients are happier and help more people because of the work they do with me!

On the personal side, I mentor people who value personal growth. They’re seekers, like me, who are willing to invest in themselves. But they may struggle in relationships, personally or professionally. It could be conflict at work or at home. It could be not attracting the right partner. It could be physical symptoms that you know have some emotional component.

My clients want to feel loved and supported so they can grow in deep, intimate relationships. They want to feel respected and valued so they can thrive in their work life. They want to know they make an impact, whether it’s in your immediate world or the world at large. It gives me such great joy to help them bring all of that into their lives.

In all of my programs and private mentoring, I use cutting-edge, body-based technology, combined with my knack for zeroing in on what needs to shift next to make all the difference, so you can build intimacy and make your impact with integrity.

Let me help you get out of the Self-Help section. Email me today (or call 856-261-4900) to set up a time to talk about your biggest challenges and I’ll offer you my best resources.

Sessions are offered via SKYPE or in person in Marlton, NJ.


Core Energetics

A powerful personal development approach that integrates all aspects of your being; mind, body, emotions, spirit and will.

Holistic Business Mastery

Advanced Training for holistic entrepreneurs. Build a sustainable practice or take your current practice to the next level.

Reach TV

Life. Dreams and Goals. Breathing. Confidence. Pleasure. I cover all this and more in my video series, recorded at my very own Reach TV Studios.

What People Are Saying

  • I am a member of Kate’s Process group. Imagine a place where you are encouraged not to hold back anything about yourself, where you are encouraged to speak your truth. Negative judgements and thoughts transform. Kate knows how to create a safe setting for vulnerability. I have found not only is it okay to be myself, but I’ve developed deeper connections with people in my life. I have more integrity and I like myself better. It has helped me forgive myself and heal my past.

    ~ Sharyn M., Graphic Artist, Filmmaker

  • I don’t know what all the ingredients are that make up a good teacher, but they have an extra spice. Kate’s energy changed our class! She made learning “feel” interesting! She inspired us to care about the work and gave us courage. Kate is big-hearted, energetic, funny, honest, articulate and alive with pleasure.You have to have guts to do Core Energetics, you have to feel love to share it. Kate has an abundance of both.

    ~ Kristina L., Core Graduate

  • Working with Kate has helped me gain awareness of the means I’ve used to cope and how pain and tensions in my body are all interconnected with my emotions. The work I’ve done with Kate has made such a difference in the way I interact with others, approach stressful situations (really all situations), and get my needs met.

    ~ Jen H., School Counselor