Kate is the Interim Executive Director for the Institute of Core Energetics, a New York non-profit training organization. Since completing the four-year practitioner training in 2003 and postgraduate training in 2004, Kate began serving as an Institute faculty member. Since that time she has been training and supervising Core Energetics Practitioners in the U.S. and internationally. Kate served as a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and chaired its Marketing and Communications Committee for two and half years. She has a deep love for the work of Core Energetics and its ripple effect in the world.

“When you told me this work would change my life, that felt a little intimidating. But it changed ME and my life in the most positive way. I’ve become my own authority, the leader of my own life… I always feel supported on so many levels.” ~K.C., Psychotherapist

Core Energetics is a powerful personal development approach that integrates all aspects of your being; mind, body, emotions, spirit, and your will. It is a supportive process that enables you to explore your past and present issues and patterns. I partner with you to bring greater awareness and a deeper experience of your feelings. You begin to let go of defensive patterns that no longer serve you.

Through this unified and holistic process, you connect more deeply with your Core essence. Your truest nature is energetic, creative, loving, and open to life. Core Energetics is a dynamic system for personal growth, healing, and transformation. You work to unblock your innate life force, utilizing movement, breath, vocal expression, and other practices. The work brings greater understanding of what makes you tick and opens up more choices about the life you create. When your energy is blocked, your body and personality suffer. When your energy is flowing, long standing patterns shift. You have more clarity, purpose, and pleasure.

Though we begin with the body, the five levels overlap at various stages of the process. Core Energetics presupposes that feelings flow on energy, carried through the body on the breath. That energy, which is meant to flow in the healthy person, is sometimes blocked, split, or leaky in an unconscious effort to prevent the flow/experience of feelings. This process of blocking energy and the flow of feelings starts very early in life, when you perceived your needs not being met. Little you just wanted to stop the flow of painful or “parentally unacceptable” feelings, but in turn, you blocked the flow of your creative life force. There are many ways to block: breathing shallowly, or holding your breath, chronic muscular contractions/tension, along with psychological defense mechanisms, all of which become unconscious.

The bodywork consists of breathing practices and physical exercises, as well as subtle energy work designed to release blocks. Supportive counseling helps you process and integrate what your body reveals, bringing greater consciousness. Group work is especially powerful. There are spiritual foundations based on the Pathwork Lectures.

Session packages available. Sliding scale available based upon need for a limited number of clients who are committed to working in weekly sessions.

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