Holistic Business Mastery

Advanced Training for Holistic Entrepreneurs

Earn the MONEY you deserve doing work you LOVE.

Imagine your life if you could relax, knowing you had the strategies to build a sustainable practice or take your current practice to the next level. You could wake up each morning, knowing you had a schedule filled with clients you love working with. You would know exactly which steps to take to make certain that when clients complete their work with you, several more are lined up to take their place.

Imagine how your creativity would flow, if you weren’t worried about whether you’d have enough income to support your lifestyle.

You’ve worked hard on your development and you’ve got something that the world needs now. Your desire to serve is no accident. It’s time to master your holistic business and make more money. Where do you want to be a year from now?

Holistic Business Mastery is a 12-month intensive program for practitioners, healers, coaches, and therapists who want to make an impact on the world and make good money while they’re doing it. Join a new generation of professionals who master receiving abundance while serving humanity.


  • Choose your Tribe of Ideal Clients
  • Create a Consistent Stream of Leads
  • Transform your Lower Self around Money and Success
  • Engage your Higher Self and Positive Aggression to Change Negative Habits
  • Develop an Effective Relationship with your Fear
  • Uplevel your Facilitation Skills
  • Establish your Unique Credibility through a Clear Marketing Message
  • Learn how to sell Authentically
  • Video and other Online Marketing Strategies
  • Effective Networking and other Offline Marketing Strategies
  • Charge what you’re Worth
  • Build a Movement Around your message

“What you are meant to fulfill in LIFE is also what Life is meant to fulfill in YOU!” ~ Kate Holt


Kate will teach you the tools that took her from frustration and struggle to ease, confidence, and clarity; from floundering to flourishing in business, from having a side business to tripling her year over year income. You’ll learn how to maintain your integrity, while generating income, so you can let go of the sources that distract you from your real purpose.


You’ll develop action plans so that you know exactly what you need to do each month to build your practice and meet your money goals. With Kate’s support, you’ll tweak your plans as you go, to assure you are continually growing. Regular action builds your confidence and your business.


You’ll get accountability with gentle, compassionate support. Kate will help you transform the hidden parts of yourself that tend to sabotage your success, so you can fully embody your business-higher self. You’ll be part of a lively community, committed to motivating, supporting, and helping hold each other accountable.


  • 3 Three-day Training Intensives
  • 12 Monthly Training/Coaching Calls
  • 12 Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls
  • Daily Online Forum
  • 12 Private Mentoring Sessions
  • Fast Track Training Archive
  • Bonus Incentives for Mastery

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