From Sharyn M., Graphic Artist, Filmmaker: I am a member of Kate’s Process group. Imagine a place where you are encouraged not to hold back anything about yourself, where you are encouraged to speak your truth. Negative judgements and thoughts transform. Kate knows how to create a safe setting for vulnerability. I have found not only is it okay to be myself, but I’ve developed deeper connections with people in my life. I have more integrity and I like myself better. It has helped me forgive myself and heal my past.

From Kristina L., Core Graduate: I don’t know what all the ingredients are that make up a good teacher, but they have an extra spice. Kate’s energy changed our class! She made learning “feel” interesting! She inspired us to care about the work and gave us courage. Kate is big-hearted, energetic, funny, honest, articulate and alive with pleasure.You have to have guts to do Core Energetics, you have to feel love to share it. Kate has an abundance of both.

Excerpted letter from Jeffrey Cohen, GLBT Empowerment Network: I would like you to lead an Addiction workshop for the GLBT community in NYC. Why You? Your own personal journey and experience can benefit others. A compassionate, loving woman, with expertise needs to reach these souls and empower them to seek change. I know you feel very deeply, and it comes across in all you do. This is what my brothers and sisters need. They don’t need the $800 hour psychiatrists…they need a loving reminder that they are deserving. They need to see your face and feel your heart to be reminded how worthy they are. Kate, empower us with your grace, so we can step out to claim our incredible lives.

From Debbie J., OB NurseCore Energetics Testimonials: Kate, Your workshop was moving for me. The shift I made has opened my heart and moved my soul to places I have not known before. The safety of the container you provided enabled me to feel more deeply and trust those feelings to see myself clearly. I am grateful. It feels like going home to combine Core Energetics and you, my mentor, confidant, teacher, healer and dear friend. I am so grateful for you.

From S.M., Behavior Specialist: You are an amazing woman! You are strong, compassionate, articulate, and have such a positive energy. I really admire you and I thank God everyday for bringing you into my life! You have really helped me grow by providing a safe and positive environment. I really appreciate the relationship we have. I look forward to making more progress!! Thank you!!!!!

From Jen H., School Counselor: Working with Kate has helped me gain awareness of the means I’ve used to cope and how pain and tensions in my body are all interconnected with my emotions. The work I’ve done with Kate has made such a difference in the way I interact with others, approach stressful situations (really all situations), and get my needs met.

From Tammy L., Sales Coordinator: Kate, thank you for offering the “Mourning Out Loud ” workshop this past weekend. It gave me the opportunity to share the pain I have been holding for too many years. My grief, pain, rage, and emptiness had been engulfing me. I discovered that whether I acknowledge the feelings or not, they are still inside me and my inner 12 year old was still waiting for someone to see and understand…I am moving to the next level of my recovery and journey. Thank you.

From S.B., Public Relations: My initial reason for going to see Kate was to fix whatever was wrong with me. I was miserable, lonely, and in pain most of the time. As I’ve been working with Kate, I have opened my mind, my heart, and my soul. I now know that nothing was “wrong” with me and my new mission in working with her is to discover the real me, the person hiding behind the masks that were created throughout my life, and to love, honor, and accept who I am today… masks and all. Over the past year, I have experienced so much of who I am, what I enjoy and how I am creating my life. As I continue to love, honor, and accept the woman that I am today and am still becoming, I am excited to be bringing others into my life in a wonderfully supportive way.